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Scary Piles, a response

Wombat Central from Postcards From Oblivion , who is a kindred spirit (check out this post, and then my comment to see why), recently devoted a post to what she referred to as scary piles.  You know, those piles of unopened mail that tend to collect, and when left unattended begin to contain scary things like extremely over-due bills?!  Yikes!

I was about to comment on the post itself telling her what was in my scary piles and how she was lucky that her scary piles contain only paper.  But why tell you when I can show you?  Behold, my pile of terror!

The Horror. The Horror.

(Yes I used Comic Sans for the labels.  Can we move on?)

Some things of note:

  • That is Mr. Goldragon’s High School Diploma.  No, I’m not robbing the cradle.  His Mom dropped it off to him on a recent visit.
  • The What to Expect Book is the 1989 edition and full of amusingly outdated information (none of which I can recall at the moment).
  • The Burlap Sack O’ Runes is exactly what it sounds like.
  • The various baskets were employed to reduce the scary piles, but as you can see they just get sucked into the vortex and then become a part of it.  And make the pile more efficient in its flostsam collecting.
  • When a jar of Zincofax is empty, is it an empty jar of Zincofax, or is it a former jar of Zincofax?
  • The X-Men Camera is disposable, and will probably go unused.  Even my crappy digital camera is better than a disposable film camera, even if it does have mutant powers.  What’s that you say?  Throw it away?  Are you insane??

Every so often, I will clean it off, put all the stuff that’s collected into its proper spot.  And for a brief shining moment that spot of counter is beautifully bare.  Before the sun sets, however, it’s back to this.  If I’m not careful, these piles start spreading to the rest of the house.  I regularly clean up those piles by moving them on top of this main one.  At least it’s out of the way.


10 responses to “Scary Piles, a response

  1. Kerry ⋅

    Oh. My. God. I have piles just like that at my house. MULTIPLE ones! It’s scary. (More scary? I know people who don’t have them at all. Now THAT’S creepy, if you ask me.)

    Two random comments:
    1) Comic Sans? HA-ha! (said in the manner of Nelson from The Simpsons, naturally.)
    2) I would call that “an empty Zincofax jar”. Yup.

  2. Thanks for the mention! You’re very brave to show a photo of your scary pile. Thing is, mine’s morphed into a scary mountain and I’d be mortified to show it. The funniest part is, yours looks eerily similar in size and location to mine. Ours is a little space between the fridge and a closet. Looks fab when empty and shiny clean…. to bad it’s rarely in that condition. 😉

  3. IfByYes

    Oh, man. We could wage a war on scary piles. I may take a picture of the SUITCASE in the closet that contains hidden former scary piles, now turned into secret shame.

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