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The one in which I link to every other post I have ever made

I’m starting to get grocery store PTSD.  First it was this, and then it was this.  And now?

Well it’s Tuesday again.  Grocery day, while the Girl is at Preschool.  Today was particularly busy.  I had groceries to buy, pictures to pick up (they turned out just shy of fabulous, by the way), the credit card to pay off, supper to make, a blog post to write, and the Girl’s parent/teacher meeting (I know, I know.  It’s as bad as pre-school graduation ceremonies, but I digress).  The Boy had a pretty bad night, again.  He woke twice, and needed pain medication both times before he’d go back to sleep.  But, he seemed in good spirits this morning, so I decided to proceed with the day, as planned.

No sooner had I arrived at the grocery store when I noticed that the Boy’s ear, had popped in an EXPLOSION OF PUS.  He was pretty happy, probably because all that pressure that had been built up in his poor little ear had finally released, so I just kept shopping.  We still gotta eat, pus-filled ear, or no pus-filled ear (to be clear, NEVER EAT A PUS-FILLED EAR).

But on the way home, we swung into the walk-in clinic.  Again.  They were full up for the morning, but were taking registrations for the afternoon (I may or may not have written “pussy ear” on the registration form. >_<).  That was a small reprieve, as I had time to take the groceries home and put them away, have something to eat, let the Boy have a little sleep, and not very much time spent in the waiting area, where there is always some crazy lady who wants to talk at me.  It’s a different crazy lady every time, but they always act as the keeper of the waiting area, are attracted to small children, have questionable hygiene, and generally creep me out.

As it turned out, it wasn’t a reprieve at all, as I ended up waiting longer this time, than on Saturday.  Thankfully, no crazy lady.  When told I was going to be seeing Dr. Cusack, I had hopes that he would look like John Cusack.  He didn’t.

So what was the prix grand this time?  *drumroll* Ear infection (as if you couldn’t guess)!  But also, more importantly, a prescription!  For antibiotics, no less.  And we still have to squirt the saline solution up his nose, and treat the fever (NOT with more cowbell).  Yay?  Dr. False-Advertizing asked me how much the Boy weighs, as he was writing the prescription.  He balked when I told him, “twenty-two pounds,….approximately.”

How old is he?” he asked.

“Nine and a half months,” I said, innocently.

“Twenty-two pounds?  Are you sure?  That’s sounds awfully high,” he said.

I raised my eyebrow,”Yes, fairly sure.  He was nineteen pounds at six months, and I weighed him myself not too long ago.  Twenty-two pounds, there abouts,” I said, then added, “he’s a big boy.”

He also said that if we found that he started getting lots of ear infections, we might want to consider getting rid of his soother.  Which on the one hand I thought, “well, maybe it’s getting to be that time,” but on the other hand I thought, “NOOOOOOOOO, not the soot!  He’s SO LOUD!”  So let’s hope this is the only ear infection he ever has ever.

PS: I just want to let it be known that I have been in the walk-in clinic twice as many times in the past 9 months for the Boy as I have in the past five years FOR ALL OTHER REASONS COMBINED.

10 responses to “The one in which I link to every other post I have ever made

  1. Hannah

    You tell Dr. False Advertising to cram it with walnuts. Because he was basically implying that precious wee mans is an overfed fat baby with a soother dependency and that is horseshit.

    Speaking as someone who had many, many ear infections and thus was shown the plastic 3D model of the human ear more times than I care to remember, the sinuses and the inner / middle ear area are connected. An infection in one will OFTEN spread to an infection in the other. The soother has nothing to do with it. What would he say if The Boy was sucking his thumb? Cut it off to prevent ear infections?

    Oh, this is just making me all kinds of stabby on your behalf.

    • Enh *shrug*. He IS very big, and people just aren’t used to that. I’m sure Dr. False Advertizing was just making sure, because it affects dosage size. He truly wasn’t implying that he was over-fed, just that I might be mistaken in the estimation of his weight. He chuckled when I said that he was 19lbs at 6 months.

      He really was very nice. I didn’t mean to imply otherwise, else I wouldn’t have used his real name.

      • Hannah

        Gotcha. I’ll stand down. No rushing off to kick a certain Dr. right in the leg. The leg, I say!

        I get all pissy when anyone suggests taking away soothers. It’s not like using them is fun, for heaven’s sake. *eye roll*

  2. IfByYes

    My friend’s 6 month old is 20 lbs and bigger than Owl. Y’all need to stop with your huge babies :-p

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  4. You are funny, even when you talk about pus. Hee, hee, hee! Love the “When told I was going to be seeing Dr. Cusack, I had hopes that he would look like John Cusack. He didn’t.” bit. Good shit!!

    Some kids are the sickly type, huh? I’ not sure I truly believed that… until it was MY kids. They’ve been on more antibiotics n the past year than any normal person would be in a lifetime, in my opinion. Ugh. My sympathies to you.

    • It’s sad to me that he’s so used to taking medicine of all kinds now. The Girl in her Mommy and Baby imaginative play is ALWAYS giving her babies medicine 😦

      But, my sympathies to you as well! I thought about you and your poor kids this past month, and about how many times you’ve gone through this song and dance for the past year. *Sympathetic Ugh!*

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