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A fresh start to a new week

It’s perfectly natural to want to start anew on New Year’s Day.  It’s on that day, more than any other, when the year changes that we feel the passage of time most keenly.  It’s not hard to imagine the new year as a blank slate.  Whatever happened in the old year is done.  We are free to shape the year ahead of us, unhindered by mistakes or traumas of the year gone by.  It’s totally psychological, of course.  Technically, every day could be like this.  But there’s something about the changing of the year that lights a fire under our butts, and makes us want to shake the dust off and be the best that we can be.  Or at least, have the intention.

I find that Mondays are like mini-new year’s days.  It’s the natural day to start afresh.  To that end, I spent two hours last night, tidying my house, so I would have a fresh start to the week today.  I showered this morning while the Girl did crafts and the Boy had his morning nap.  And now I’m writing a blog post for the first time in over a month.

Lots of things have happened, keeping me from blogging.  Both of my kids have been sick almost continuously.  Christmas, and all the shenanigans associated with that.  Mr. G bought Star Wars: The Old Republic for himself for Christmas.  (OH.  MY.  GOD.  I love that game.  More on that at another time).  The Boy has been banished to the crib because of an unfortunate eye-gouging incident, making for some difficult nights, and difficult days after.  Not to mention the fact that I totally burnt myself out on blogging, jumping into Reverb right after NaBloPoMo.  Not that I regret any of my decisions.  I think it’s best to jump feet first into challenges as they arise.  How else would one discover what one is capable of?

So let’s just forget this past month of radio silence, forget Reverb11 and start fresh on this beautiful newly born week.

Aside: I might do Reverb for myself in my own personal journal, on paper, with a pen, even, but I won’t post them here unless I feel that people other than myself can benefit from reading them).


3 responses to “A fresh start to a new week

  1. Hannah

    Yay, you’re back! I feel that way about Mondays, too – I’ve always got fresh resolve at the start of a new week.

  2. Flora Fauna ⋅

    Here`s to fresh starts! Some days we need one every 5 minutes or so.

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