About Grace Goldragon

I am a SAHM, I have two children, the Girl (3) and the Boy (9 Months), and I am an enormous nerd.  I use this space to talk about what I want to talk about, whether that be nerdy stuff, comics I make, funny stories about my kids (because they are awesome), or just whatever’s on my mind.  I do this in an effort to connect with like-minded people, to shake off the dreaded Mommy-brain, and also to attempt to re-learn how to string together something longer than a Facebook status.

Grace Goldragon is my online persona.  I’m not embarrassed, and there is nothing inflammatory in my blog (maybe some swears, ’cause that’s how I roll, bitches) but I’ve never had one before, and I thought I might try it out.  Plus, I’m internet shy, so I think having an online persona might help me come out of my virtual-shell.

You can e-mail me at grace.goldragon at gmail dot com.


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